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15th MEU welcomes new Family Readiness Officer

By Lance Cpl. Timothy Childers | | January 13, 2012

The military offers many unique experiences and challenges for Marines and sailors. At times, it can be difficult for families to overcome these obstacles. To help support the military life, the Marine Corps created family readiness officers who provide the tools, information and resources to help service members and their families to get ahead. 

Recently, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Command Element, welcomed a new family readiness officer, Rebecca M. Roman. Coming from a family of Marines, the military lifestyle has always been a part of her life and has helped her recognize the issues that service members and their family members face.

“I started volunteering to help families, and that grew into my passion,” said Roman, a 26-year-old native of Valencia, Calif. “I knew I could use my experience and knowledge and bring it to the table to help Marines.”  

Roman began volunteering as a Lifestyles Insight Networking Knowledge Skills Trainer. For two years, she educated spouses of service members about the military lifestyle. Before coming to the MEU, she served as the FRO at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego for 14 months. The MEU’s former FRO, Audrey Hooper, built a great program ,and Roman plans to build upon her success.

“I want to get to know each of the Marines and sailors and their families,” said Roman. “I also want to listen to their needs for the upcoming deployment.” 

Roman wanted to make it clear that her support is not only for service members with spouses.

“I work for truly every individual, not just for married Marines and sailors,” said Roman. “At the end of the day, we are all a part of the family. Both married Marines and single Marines have issues in their life. I am a resource for everyone.” 

As the FRO, Roman is a resource for information on events and programs offered to Marines and sailors aboard Camp Pendleton. She is also a point of contact for families during deployments and is responsible for planning the family days for the MEU that bring everyone together.

Some events she shares with service members and their families include, LINKS, parent support programs, and Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, which provides financial assistance to Marines and sailors.         

“I’m excited to be a part of the MEU and get to know everyone,” said Roman. “Please let me know how I can support you.”

Roman is available for assistance anytime by calling 760-429-5385 or by emailing at rebecca.roman@usmc.mil.