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15th Marine Expeditionary Unit


15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

America's Vanguard Force

Camp Pendleton, CA
Bullrush honored with safety award

By Cpl. John Robbart III | | January 18, 2012

The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit was recognized for its perseverance to safety on its last deployment, Tuesday, at the Camp Del Mar Parade Deck.

The unit was presented the Admiral Flatley Memorial Award by Lt. Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, commanding general, I Marine Expeditionary Force. It is awarded each year to one aircraft carrier and amphibious ship, along with their embarked air wing and MEU.

The MEU, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 165, the MEU’s air component, and the USS Peleliu were recognized for their outstanding safety record. Lieutenant Col. Kevin M. Duffy, a former member of HMM-165, accepted the award on his unit’s behalf.

“This is really an honor,” said Col. Scott D. Campbell, commanding officer, 15th MEU. “This speaks volumes of the safety mindset of the crew on this last deployment.”

Per Naval Instruction 1650.28A, the selection of the winner is based on (but not limited to) mishap rates, quality and quantity of hazard reports, and days and number of aircraft embarked aboard ship.

Campbell went on to explain the significance of having zero mishaps after logging thousands of flight operations hours.

“A flight operation doesn’t only mean flying,” he said. “That also includes moving million dollar aircraft, loading ordnance or moving the equipment that goes along with it, and this is all done by young Marines and sailors. I hope to meet that standard on this upcoming deployment.”

The 15th MEU is currently training for a routine seven-month deployment later this fall.