15th MEU News

Marines Ask for Humanitarian Air Drop

11 Dec 2001 | Capt Stewart T. Upton, USMC 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft dropped more than 17,000 food pockets along the Arghanab (pronounced ARE-GHAN-AHB) River Tuesday.
The humanitarian aide was requested by Marines for the villagers after they stopped in a village and asked for directions last week. 
The Marines were looking for a place on the river shallow enough to tow a vehicle across.  Soon after asking the question, the Marines noticed the villagers throwing rocks into the river. Later, after many, many rocks had been thrown, a bridge to the other side appeared. 
The food packets were Humanitarian Daily rations (HDR's) and are said to be even too much for a western stomach to eat in one sitting.
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit