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Marines with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit move equipment as they set up a Support Wide Area Network satellite during a communications exercise that included the entire Marine Air Ground Task Force at Camp Delmar, March 19. The five-day training exercise is meant to prepare the 15th MEU for a deployment qualification exercise in the coming future.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Timothy Childers

Communication is key: 15th MEU begins COMEX

21 Mar 2012 | Lance Cpl. Timothy Childers 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, with all of its major subordinate commands, began a communications exercise at Camp Delmar, March 19, to practice establishing communication links.

The 15th MEU Command Element, Combat Logistics Battalion 15, Battalion Landing Team 3/5 and Marine Air Control Group 38 are participating in the five-day training event.

The exercise is meant to prepare the 15th MEU for a deployment qualification exercise in the near future.  During this exercise, the MEU will be evaluated as an entire MAGTF on meeting the criteria for its upcoming deployment.

The MEU personnel will face the challenge of communicating between ships and personnel on land as they are spread across the eastern hemisphere once they leave Delmar on their scheduled float.

“We’re communicating with the different elements of the MEU,” said Cpl. Kevin J. Beamer, data networks specialist, Communications Platoon, MACG 38, 15th MEU. “We are able to provide communications between elements no matter what geographical location we’re at.”

In the coming days, each element of the MAGTF will sync its network with the others using Support Wide Area Network satellite systems. They will also use combat-oriented systems such as the Strike Link program, which processes digital messages from laser designators, explained Master Sgt. Donnie Frazier, communications chief, BLT 3/5.

Communications are a primary requirement of a deployed MEU. As the Marines wrap up this five-day training exercise by honing their skills, they bring the MEU one step closer to being prepared for its upcoming deployment.

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