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15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

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Camp Pendleton, CA
Marines, sailors get glimpse through Four Lenses

By Cpl. Emmanuel Ramos | | November 7, 2013


The demanding training schedule Marines go through to be combat ready takes its toll on service members’ relationships, whether single or married. These problems can hinder Marines’ abilities to stay focused on the mission and put them in harm’s way.

In order to maintain healthy relationships, Marines and spouses with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit participated in a Four Lenses workshop at the Family Readiness Center aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., Nov. 5.

The class is designed to enhance relationships and help individuals learn about their personality. The main goal of the class is for participants to understand their partner’s personality and why it is they do the things they do.

“This class lets you know through which lens you view the world and that you are not alone in that vision,” said Scott Becherer, readiness and deployment support trainer, Marine Corps Family Team Building, Camp Pendleton. “This was a positive experience and everyone walked away with something whether it’s for their relationship or for their work environment.”

At the start of the class, Marines and sailors were asked personal questions to determine their type of personality. Personalities are broken down into four lens colors. People who fall under the blue category value relationships and make decisions based on emotions. Those under the gold category value honesty and follow strict rules. Those under the orange category are spontaneous thrill seekers who value attention. Those under the green category are analytical and value their space. 

Participants then formed groups based on the four personality types and discussed their values, joys, strengths and needs.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” said Cpl. Joseph Solis, administrative clerk, 15th MEU. “It was amazing to see how accurately the class was able to pin point my personality. It really opens your eyes to see how your partner is.”

Discussions throughout the class showed participants how their actions can be received differently than intended by their spouse. This miscommunication can have an adverse effect on the relationship.

“My husband is definitely a green and I’m definitely a blue,” Yvonne Solis said. “One of the activities perfectly displayed how phone conversations go with my husband and how improving something that simple helps me out a lot.”

Couples are encouraged to take classes offered by MCFTB as a preventative measure to identify issues before they become a problem or to strengthen relationships.

“My wife and I have been married two great years,” Solis said. “These programs are a great way to insure we continue to have a healthy relationship. We’re definitely better off after taking this class.”